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A coach, educator and speaker  devoted to helping you shape your inner compass to navigate todays complex world more confidently.


You will become more confident and at ease with yourself,

your decisions, your relationships & your career choices.

I contacted Caroline during my maternity leave in the spring of 2017, and that is among the best things I have done. One of the first things I had to do was write down how my "dream life" would look, as detailed as possible. A few months ago I found the text that I wrote then, and realised that my life today is almost exactly as I described it. In just one year, I have resigned from my job to invest in something I am really passionate about, and moved nearly sixty miles to live in my dream home by the sea. Caroline has coached me both in setting goals and working towards them, but above all she has made me see my own potential and that everything is possible. Caroline is also a fantastic person, whom I highly recommend!

Jenny G | Marketing Director

Modern society contributes to a climate where you constantly compare yourself with other people...

Are you stressed about having no idea of where your life is going? How to find a career you’re passionate about...

Many of us experience stress in life, whether this is in the short term from intense episodes, or long-term stress...

Coming soon..

"Shaping an inner compass that holds your values, strengths and goals becomes essential in a world full of options, noise and outer pressure"
About me

My mission is to explore how we can create sustainable well-being. I'm curious as to how we can design universities, workplaces and societies that promote and support individuals' mental health.


I have a bachelor's degree in cognitive neuroscience, positive psychology and evidence-based coaching. I am also a certified project manager (agile coach).

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One session (60 min)                   60 £    / 800 SEK

Coaching package (6 x 60 min)   330 £  /4300 SEK

All coaching starts with a 30 min free of charge

introductory phone call to ensure compatibility and agree on the purpose and boundaries of the coaching.



Coaching for universities and companies- price upon request. All prices are incl. VAT.


I’m located in Edinburgh, UK most of the year, and in Stockholm, Sweden part time.


Coaching sessions are offered over skype and face to face. 

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