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I’m Caroline, a psychological life coach with a BSc in cognitive neuroscience, specialising in self-esteem/confidence, university students and stress coping.

As a psychological coach, I use an evidence-based approach to help my clients identify meaningful goals, navigate tough transitions, reach their full potential and create the life they want.

I’m devoted to helping my clients shape an inner compass to help them navigate in today's complex climate full of options, noise and outer pressures. My previous clients have found that a strong inner compass helped them become more confident and at ease with themselves, their decisions, their relationships and career choices .

I have experience from coaching hundreds of individuals the last couple of years, both private clients and while based at University of Edinburgh.

- BSc in Psychological coaching (Cognitive neuroscience) / University of Skövde, Sweden


- HVE Diploma in Agile Project Management / Changemaker Educations, Stockholm


- Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher training / Yoga Sadhna, Rishikesh, India


- Also qualified in: Positive Psychological Coaching, Quality of Life Therapy, Motivational Interviewing & Self-compassion Training.


Work experience

- 1 year as a wellbeing and performance coach at Edinburgh University. Providing one-one coaching sessions to a year of 375 students. Life-coaching, stress-coping, decisions about the future, productivity, motivation and goal setting.


- 3 years as a Psychological Coach/ Life Coach (own business). Providing goal oriented coaching with a focus on increased well-being.


- Various projects as an Agile coach- supporting teams in becoming high performing.

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